Introducing Myagi, our Brand New Training Tool

We are thrilled to tell you all about a training tool that's available to you and your staff right now, and it's completely free!


We have teamed up with leading digital platform Myagi to bring you fresh content and sales training at the touch of your fingertips. We know how challenging it can be to keep staff up to date with the latest information. To support you, we want to make this easy as possible and provide you with all the information you need to create engaging and informative customer experiences.


What is Myagi?

Myagi is the digital Go-To-Market collaboration platform that helps brands transfer knowledge and enthusiasm across retail networks around the world, helping them to drive sales and improve customer experience. Myagi's mission is to help brands keep everyone along the sell-chain customer-ready all of the time. Myagi works with speciality retailers across many industries, being well known particularly in sports and cycle.

Why use Myagi?

By increasing staff knowledge and confidence when talking to customers about the brands they sell, Myagi can drive conversion, increase average basket size and reduce product return. It also helps improve customer experience, meaning more return visits. As access to learning is extremely easy through a mobile app or browser it's really simple for all staff to access instore or on the go. Knowledge testing through quizzes ensures information retention is tested too. Access is free for all, including the use of analytics for the store owner/manager to see which staff has done what training and when they may need a refresher.


What Device will I/my Staff  need to Access?

From their very own smart phones, the staff in every one of your stores can learn how to sell and communicate the value of the product to your customers seamlessly, with zero waiting time. Each member of staff has their own individual user account, which they can use outside of work if they wish, across any device. Myagi has both an iOS and Android app, which can be used on phone and tablets and via a browser.


How to Invite your Staff

Sign up by clicking on this link and creating and your user profile: Once  you've signed up, head to the People section. From here you can invite your staff. All you need is an email address. You've also got the option to generate a link which you can then send your team mates via your usual means of communication. 


Alternatively, your staff can register by following the quick steps below:


1. Click on this link and select "view content from Pedigree Wholesale"

2. Create a user profile and set a password

3. Search for the retailer you work for in the "your company name" search bar (do not search for Pedigree Wholesale, search for your business - there is an account created for your business).

4. When you see your company, press "select".

5. Join the Team/Store you work from in the drop down.

6. Click "Continue".


How do I Complete the Training?

In the Learning Section within Myagi, you'll be able to see what content you can access. You're also able to leave feedback that goes straight back to the brands who've created the training.


What if I Need Technical Help?

Myagi has a 24/7 Support Chat - click the chat icon on the bottom right of the page if you ever need help.