Agency51 Win BigCommerce Excellence Award for Pedigree Wholesale Website

Published on 2nd May 2024

Agency51 Win BigCommerce Excellence Award for Pedigree  Wholesale Website

Agency 51, a leading UK BigCommerce development agency, has been named the winner of the coveted BigCommerce EMEA B2B Excellence Award following their work on the build and launch of Pedigree Wholesale’s new website in August last year.

The Awards took place in April at the Leadenhall Building in Central London and celebrated the skills that EMEA’s leading BigCommerce partners bring to their clients when developing on the platform. 

The B2B Excellence Award recognises Agency51's focus on efficiently solving the complex needs of Pedigree Wholesale's new website and its work in utilising B2B product features such as multiple price lists, open APIs and customer groups.

The portal offers real-time integration into Pedigree’s SAP ERP back-office system, support for tens of millions of customer-specific prices, restricted product catalogues, multi-location stock management and multi-user customer accounts.

Daniel Warren, Agency51’s Managing Director said:

“We are absolutely thrilled to be recognised in these awards. As both a Preferred Partner and a B2B Specialized Partner this award cements Agency51’s reputation as the go-to agency for business-to-business BigCommerce implementations.”

The BigCommerce site supports Pedigree’s “Customer First” mission for 2024, providing a much-improved experience for users in terms of stability, speed, ease of ordering and real-time stock information.

Chris Simmons, Pedigree Wholesale’s Head of Ecommerce also commented:

“The success of Pedigree Wholesale BigCommerce was based on our vision of what we wanted to achieve, delivered by a skilled development agency using a first-class ecommerce platform. Agency51 truly deserves this testament to their skills and hard work.”

Additionally, Agency51 was runner-up in both the Excellence of Delivery category (which recognised BigCommerce partners who launch client sites on time, on budget, and in a way that delights customers) and Partner of the Year (which celebrated shortlisted partners’ ability to maximise their clients’ revenues).

Alex Nolan, BigCommerce Partner Manager said:

“I’m delighted Agency51 has won this award, and it is testament to their hard work, dedication and skill in delivering complex B2B BigCommerce ecommerce projects that they have done so.”