JW Bird Toy Birdie Basket Ball

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The JW® Pet ActiviToy® Birdie Basketball Bird Toy is a crowd favorite with all pet birds. This interactive bird toy will definitely score you at least two points for providing this brightly colored bird toy; which is great for the stimulation and exercise needed for your pet bird's well-being. A shiny; reflective backboard will help to keep your bird engaged; and challenged mentally and physically as they try to put the basketball into the tiny hoop. Birds love toys with moving pieces and parts that give them an entertaining task to complete. Perfect for parakeets and parrots because they can see to their sides; front and even have a partial view of what is happening behind them because of the mirrored surface. Easily attaches to wire cages. Great for cockatiels; parakeets; and similarly sized birds.

  • Physically and mentally stimulating 
  • Features mirrored  surface 
  • Fun and entertaining 
  • Designed for a bird's wellbeing 
  • Suitable for parakeets, cockatiels and other similar size birds