Little One Grainfree Stick for Pet Animals with Fruits 180g

Cse 8
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"A delicious grain free stick with an innovative 100% edible rod made from 60 meadow grasses for dental care and nibbling fun. The treat comes in a big format for long-lasting enjoyment and contains absolutely no grains which makes it perfect for all kinds of small mammals, including those with special dietary needs. It has an extra varied composition (including healthy garden seeds and various fruits) and a crunchy texture which is loved a lot by small mammals."
Meadow and mountain grass, apple pulp, buckwheat, derivatives of vegetable origin, red lentils, garden seeds (fennel, coriander, clover, basil, spinach, parsley, carrot, radish, field salad, rucсola, white salad), rosehip seeds, green peas, linseed, dried fruits (rosehip, apple, banana, raisins, orange, cranberry), yellow peas, alfalfa, carrot dried