Tetra Pond Aquasafe [SNG] 1L

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Tetra Pond AquaSafe makes tap water safe for fish, and reliably protects the fish and plants in garden ponds against harmful substances contained in tap and rain water. It is primarily used when conducting water changes or topping up pond water as tap water is usually used for these processes. However, tap water contains heavy metals, chlorine and chloramine, excessively high concentrations of which can be harmful to fish, plants and microorganisms. Tetra Pond AquaSafe neutralises these substances - even if they have got into the pond due to rain water - and makes them safe for fish. The vital ingredient iodine found in the product furthermore promotes the good health, growth and well-being of the fish and increases their readiness to spawn. This makes Tetra Pond AquaSafe a reliable water care product for all pond fish. Product Benefits: Makes tap water safe for fish. Use when conducting partial water changes, topping up the water and after prolonged spells of rainfall. Acts fast with long-lasting benefits. Removes chlorine, chloramine, copper, zinc and lead from tap and rain water. Iodine promotes vitality and the readiness to sp